Monday, July 25, 2011

Celebration of Culture

Izz is on a school holiday right now.
This event was before the school holiday.

~Can you spot budak yang pakai baju Melayu?~

~Spanish dance~

~South African dance~

~The Americans~

~Izz and his classmates~

~Aiden join sekaki~

~Maeghan is giving a farewell gift from parents~

~Izz and his bff, Abdul Rahman~

I am glad that Izz has been given a chance to attend the British International School
Izz can read well now. 
The teacher gave me his portfolio which I think it was beautiful and a fantastic way of showing how much progress he has made over the year
Well done, Izz. =)

1 comment:

jelita78 said...

Exactly! I baru nak ckp bertuah izz dapat attend British School.
He gets the priveledge to learn about other cultures.
Sooo happy for you Izz !!

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