Thursday, July 28, 2011

Yummier Than a Red Handbag =)

The famous Orlando based seafood chain in US is now in Dubai!
Yeahhh it's the Red Lobster! *Jumping Jacks*

So sorry the pictures aren't clear because its were taken using my IP
When we want to enter the restaurant, we have to wait for about 30 minutes to get our seats
Siap ada Egyptians ni gaduh2 tak puas hati kena tunggu sebab
And please la civic-minded sikit, orang lain pun tunggu dan lapar jugak
Unless kalau sanggup makan on the floor takpelah kan.

Anyway, eventhough we have to wait for 30 minutes, it's all worth it.
The service was superb and waiter was very friendly
It's like eating in TGIF or Chillis, but they served fresh seafoods from the aquarium

~Izz received the colouring set~
~Moi taking pictures of the deco while waiting for the foods~

~Cornbread. It's on the house~

~My Pina Colada~
Don't expect to order beer here, because in Dubai the restaurants can't serve beer or wine or pork because it's a muslim country. U can find beer, wine and pork only in the restaurant at the hotel. But sometimes you can find the pork at Chinese or Pinoy restaurant but they are not at a big shopping mall like this. All restaurant chain from overseas must follow the UAE requirements and only serve halal foods.

~Izz's Mac & Cheese~

~Our appetizer, New England Clam Chowder~

And our main course is the WOODgrilled Lobster, Shrimps and Scallop!

Lagi best bila sprinkle some sea salt and peppercorns

Now you see....

and now you don't!

Cantik ekor lobster dia..and the best part harga dia lebih kurang macam makan kat TGIF & Chillis!

InsyaAllah tonight or tomorrow we are going there again before Ramadhan.
And this time I wanna try their crabs and lobsters! *tadah perut* =P


Erna said...

OOO EMMMM GEEEE!!! Sukanya!!!Sedapnya nampak!! fresh! I sker if boh butter cream sauce ke apa ntah..erkk skali je Faizal oder longggg time ago lobster hidup kat VS and way too expensive of course!
*hmmm why la Malaysia-claim to be Muslim country tak buat camtu :(*

Anonymous said...

Yummoo beb. makan utk I skals ye...

nini ismail said...

sedap nyerrrrr.... bile la nak bukak kat malaysia nih?

iandiana said...

hohoho...nampak sooo yummyyyy tapi...saya allergy sekutu udang ni:( enjoy tgok org mkn sajelah hehehe...

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