Friday, July 8, 2011

Brotherly Love

1. Love / Kissing
2. Sharing

3. Tolerating

4. Wrestling

5. Fencing

6. Sleeping Together

7. Watching Movies Together

8. Playing Video Games
9. Sword Fighting
10. Hugging

~Love to see them together~

If two is company, is three a crowd?

Oh no I am NOT pregnant (yet).
Just thinking about the future
Do you think 2 kids are enough?
Which one is better, quality or quantity?


I.Q.W.A said...

try la kak. kot dpt girl plak.. :) boleh share ur interest with her..

nini ismail said...

Masya Allah.... comel nyer... suke tgk they love each other mcm tu kan..

nope i dont think 3 is a crowd, with this kind of love they share, just imagine how they will love their litte sister/brother nnt.

kaezrin said...

personallyu i rasa x cukup....

tp i pun pk in terms of giving the best so rasa mcm naks top at 2 but like our mom dulu, kiter adik beradik ramai and we still get d best kan.....

well...sometimes kita worry byk benda sgt but we have to admit anak2 kita actually sgt mewah kan skrg :)

insya allah ada rezeki Allah knows best for us but we also have to live the life the best way following the right path kan...:)

jelita78 said...

Quality is far far better..

i pon pikir gak nak tambah sorang..
tapi tu laa takut gak kalu anak ramai tapi tak terjaga nnt salah mak bapak nyer gak..
but in your case, u full time with them, hence may guarantee more quality time with them.. unlike me, working.. huwaaa.. sedey tak bunyi..

IreneYaya said...

Iqwa: InsyaAllah kalau dpt girl, tapi dpt a heathy boy pun ok jugak. =)

Nini: I pun rasa 3 is still ok. But for now dgn keadaan I sorang2 kat sini I don't think we can give full attention to 3 kids.

Elin: May Allah grants us the best. My mom sendiri ckp situation dia differ dgn I skrg. Dulu my nenek ada and it took the whole village to take care her kids. Byk benda nak kena fikir and take into account ni. Not now, but maybe later on, InsyaAllah kalau ada rezeki.

Aida: yup quality is far better. I am also in the same situation with you. I am working bebs, but I am working at home. Not only business, but house chores, cooking, etc. Lagi nak cari masa for myself pun susah. Yg tak working tu tai tai yg duduk rumah tak buat apa and ada maid. Bukan tak mampu nak ada maid, but we believe in practical parenting and stressing more "family time."

miSsMawar... said...

yaya, hv another set of girls plak! hehehe... sbb if the 3rd is boy xpe, he can play with the abg2... but then if the 3rd is girl, alaa sian dia main sorang2... hehehe... xpun kene la main dgn mom! hehehe anyway, i really like seeing the pic of them sleeping together.. supercute!!

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