Friday, July 15, 2011

Dubai Summer Surprise.

From the title, you know what it is about. 2 weeks in a row we went to spend our weekends in Dubai just for mall hopping activities. Here are some pictures:

 ~Aiden with his luggage bag while waiting to check in~

~Kantoi tengah twitting HAHA~

~His collections~

~In Dubai Mall, wearing the clean cardigan again~

~Having dim sum in Dubai...I love Dubai for having variety of halal foods!~

 ~Khusyuk memilih. Har Gau, Siew Mai, Pao and crispy prawn balls are my fav!~

~The unique flowering tea!~

~Aiden is playing DS on his stroller, classic!~

~Bought a couple of coconuts at Waitrose and cracked them open with the trusty Victorinox~

 ~The mommy hook~

The other weekends:
~My delicious icepresso~

~Busy on the phone ~

~Buying their baju raya siap2~

~Near Hamleys, there is Cars 2 exhibition~

~Our favourite Korean beef noodles~

~Lama tak melantak cuppies!~

~Near the aquarium~

~In Emirates Mall with unknown characters~

~And I bought another Loubies. >_< *cray cray*~


jelita78 said...

yeay yeay for the loubies de blueieee!! hehe..

hah, aci dak kalu aku kata aku clow sket interpret cardigan "CLEAN" ko tu! hahahahha
i know!

seLf rEstrained... said...

fell in love with social house..... nice kan?

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