Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Social House

Both of us are from Engineering background
Usually Engineer ni part makan they don't mind to eat benda sama.
If they love noodles, everyday makan noodles pun takpe.
Sampai bosan. Well, that's us. 
Kalau orang lain tak suggest, we will never try something new.
But this time we feel like we should try something new ourselves.
So we went to eat at the Social House.

Nice ambiance
~Buckets of plastic veges and fruits~

While waiting for the foods

Dapat foods terus balun sampai habis licin! 
Kalau takde orang sure I dah jilat pinggan ni. 

 The image of our brunch that day
I ate Pappardelle tossed with rich mushroom, wagyu beef and exotic spice, served on a bed of parmesan cheese

DH ate wagyu beef burger with brie, emmentaler, onion rings, fried eggplant, rocket, sun dried tomato, social house special sauce and fries.
Izz & Aiden ate macaroni & cheese and ice cream

The foods were so delicious! 

After brunch we jalan2 dekat kawasan At the top Burj Dubai

and found this ATM

~They are selling the Burj Dubai gold bars. ~


eyna said...

chanteknya you yaya...
baju bag.. tudung semua cun! :)

Erna said...

wah...sana punya halal?? bestnya!
That day i pegi Jakarta, konon teringin la nak try. Tp dalam menu siap ada p*rk pasta etc..terus blah! :P kembang tekak jadiknya..

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