Sunday, October 31, 2010

Mati Kutu

Sorry for not being active blogging
Well, bila si Abang ke sekolah,
si adik mati kutu
and saya yang menjadi mangsa dia
Whatever I did,
Dia musti nak ajak saya layan dia
So I cannot stay in front of the laptop
Nak blog pun tak boleh concentrate 

And this was one of the days 
I brought him to the park
and he was really having fun!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Look Who's Going To School ;)

When he was still a baby

Then the day when he is becoming a brother

And he grew bigger...

and bigger....


Now look, this is him during his first day in school.

The night before we bought stuffs to prepare for his school

And the next morning, I prepared his first bekal which he forgot to bring the lunchbox back home! LOL

And during the first day we sent him to school

During his second day in school, he had his swimming lesson. He went back and trying to teach me "Mama, I was swimming like this! like this! *sambil kicking on the back*"
And I checked his bag, his towel was missing, but there's someone else towel & a swimming trunk. They might have changed it among themselves LOL!

And today is his 3rd day to school wearing the PE uniform

And this is the picture of him waiting for his school bus and saying "Bye Mama! I love u Mama, You love Izz?" 
Yes mama loves Izz very much! Study smart k. =)

Friday, October 22, 2010

The School

After these and that, Izz finally being accepted to enter the British International School.
Eventhough it's quite far from our home, but it's a very good school.
I am really excited to see him during his first day of school which gonna be this Sunday
Sekejap je anak saya dah besar! I think other moms must understand how it feels, kan?

We went to the school today to buy the uniforms and meet the registrar
She brought us to tour the school
There's an indoor playground which they'll be using it during summer,
Also outdoor playground which can be use when the weather is colder.
There's a swimming pool and swimming lessons
Also the Arabic and Islamic Studies.

The classroom is quite big, and the maximum is 15 students in each class
I love to see when there's an oven and sink at one corner of the class (reminds me again that it's my son who is going to school, not me! LOL)

There's also a reading section at one corner of the classroom 

Lastly, just outside the classroom there's a shaded playing compound where the kids can play while learning
There's a few tricycles, slides, gardening area, etc

When we tour the school, actually Aiden is one who is excited with the school
Then Izz was telling Aiden:
Izz: This is not Aiden's school, this is Izz's school!
Aiden: is Aiden skul!

Anyway Izz, dulu Mama school kat kampung saja
Tapi pandai jugaklah...selalu dapat Top 3 in class
Then mama dapat scholarship to go to University, alhamdulillah...
What I am telling here, no matter what or which school, dekat or jauh,
if Izz betul2 nak belajar, you can do it!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Swiss Arabian

I really love the scent of the Swiss Arabian perfume because it reminds me to the scent and aura mak Arab yang lawa and bergaya. Well, tak dapat jadi lawa and bergaya macam dia, at least dapat aura or perfume sama ok jugak kan? ;) 

It's also unique and different than the normal perfume. The best part, it comes in a nice packaging and bottles. The price is ranging from RM100-RM150. Sangat sesuai as gift.

They also carry non alcoholic perfume oil which u can use it for praying. 

There's a lot of choices, they even have the sets which contains perfume, oil, and oud.
Do u know what is Oud? It is said that the scent of Oud is like a small glimpse of Paradise. 
 Oud is available in chips which are lit and burned as an incense. It is traditional to use Oud to scent a home in this country. Usually the lit the oud kat depan kedai using this.

disclaimer: This is another iklan tak berbayar untuk maklumat tuan puan sekalian. =P

Buy Froyo, Free iPad

They are giving a free iPad for you to use while ber-froyo in Yogoday!

Just a random question: Do u think kat Malaysia boleh implement this technique tak?

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Am Missing Malaysia So Much!

Selepas sedih meninggalkan Terengganu and my parents and my sister, we went to KL for a few days before going back to Abu Dhabi. We stayed in Holiday Inn Glenmarie again and rented this car

hihihi, bukan rent la, abang saya yg baik hati pinjamkan his car to us. TQ ye adek (I called him adek eventhough he is 9 years older than me coz my brother tu twins, so sorang panggil abang, sorang panggil adek). In KL saya jadi supir, sungguh syok jadi supir bila dapat drive kereta ini. =P

Sampai2 KL the next day terus pergi Low Yatt sebab hubby nak beli laptop lagi. Then the next day we  follow up on MLTA for the house. The Etiqa insurance needed him to do medical checkup. After dah habis med checkup, terus pergi jumpa and makan2 dengan Puan Kaezrin and Puan Nini at Basil. =)

Then the next day I met Puan Delia, Puan Alin dan Cik Sherina. Every year sahaja dapat bersua muka dengan kawan2 itupun some of them tak sempat nak jumpa pun. =( Have a blast makan2 di Alexis and nak spend timejalan2 shopping together pun tak sempat. Nice catching up with u gurls!

Then we jalan2 cari makan. Makan sate Hj Samuri 2x. makan sushi, kuewteow, makan steamboat, makan dim sum, makan macam2 la. Bila ada space lapar skit, terus ada idea nak makan itu ini. hehehe...

Then sempat jugak try buat facial in La Mer. It's quite weird because the way they teach how to use La Mer in KL is different with the one in Bloomingdales Dubai. 

Then last but not least, acara wajib setiap tahun, membeli rempah, etc untuk stocks setahun.

Then we fly back to our home in Abu Dhabi. Bila dah kat airport lounge baru teringat, eh kita tak visit pun the house yg tgh dlm development in Denai Alam. yearla kot, tunggu dia siap terus. =)

Well that's all kisah balik kampung saya. Saya sangat happy dapat balik setiap tahun because:
1. Saya dapat rest (no need masak, no need berkejar itu ini)
2. Dapat jumpa families and friends (merapatkan silaturrahim)
3. Having a lot of "me time" or "the 2 of us together time' because ramai boleh tolong tengokkan and layan the kids
4. Dapat makan best and murah compared to Dubai
5. Saya dapat drive kereta. (still malas nak ambil lesen kat sini)

Hopefully next year pun we all dapat balik beraya lagi. Aminnnnnn

Friday, October 15, 2010

Ganu Kiter

Our trip for home leave that day requires us to jump into planes about 8 times


So after Kuching, we went back to Trg. Sempat pergi attend wedding adik Kaezrin.

Melawat masjid kristal

Makan makan with my sister and her family at Verandah, Ri Yaz ( hotel Monsoon Cup )

Jalan2 di Kuala Terengganu

Lastly the best part dapat menikmati fresh udang, sotong and ikan celup tepung yg dibeli gi gerai tepi laut dan makan also menghadap laut

I mis mis mis Terengganu and luv luv luv this place!

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