Monday, October 11, 2010

Blessing in Disguise

I am glad all the processes are over. We will be sending our son to British International School (BISAD) which is about 26km from our house.

Izz didn't do the assessment well, so he was not accepted to Al Muna which is very near to our house. The teacher who accessed him was saying he couldn't understand a few questions. As I said before, I don't want to pressure him, let him be and he is still a child. It doesn't mean if ur toddler could speak early, read early, do the math early, he will go to the university and vice versa.

But as hubby said, maybe there's a blessing in disguise. Yes, actually BISAD is the most expensive school in Abu Dhabi. So kita gunakan perks yg diberikan oleh company kaw kaw ye. Just kesian je kat Izz, kena naik bus, sekolah dlm 30minutes away from the house. Kena bangun awal, but I also nampak hikmah bila they informed me school timing in BISAD is from 7.45am to 1pm, not sampai 3pm or 4pm. I am afraid bila dah lama2 he tends to get bored or finds going to school is a burden to him.

Anyway, we'll just look and see...hopefully everything happen at his best interest. Or does it means that now is the good time for us to ditch the city lifestyle and move out to the suburban villa? Que sera sera... Nak worry pun one thing at a time ye ciks.

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myjuliana said...

yaya, goodluck for izz! quite jauh sekolah tu kan? but give a try first before deciding to move out to suburban.. manala tahu kot2 dia ok.. takde chance ke nak move ke Al-Muna tu at foundation1?

IreneYaya said...

Julie: TQ. Itula..try dulu tengok how is he. Aeka pun cakap dia boy, biar lasak sikit, jgn manjakan sangat...If pergi Muna FS1, means dia mcm ketinggalan setahun and kena bayar sendirilah fees 38k setahun. Kalau hantar FS2 BISAD free, dgn school bus semua free, company bayor. =)

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