Monday, December 13, 2010

Jello or Cream Bulee?

I am blogging in hurry. So these are my collection of jellies. First starting with the coach (strap dia je jelly), then the purple ferragamo, gucci red slippers, Stuart weitzman flowery slippers (dah teruk kena lanyak sampai insoles dia tercabut) n lastly the gucci marola flats.

Eventhough jelly is considered less expensive within it's luxury range, but it's very comfy! The best part kena air takpe. So jellies are very durable, u can use it to the beach, malls, parks, n I even use it to the fish market! (yea I know gedix rite?) =P

The more I wear the jello, the more I love it so much. Biarler sampai buruk mana sekalipun I will keep it forever.

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kaezrin said...

kan kan..

now i gedix nak menambah nih..

i blame u..kakakkakakaka

:P tq yaya for giving me the chance to have one of the jelly families..:P

Gee Harun said...

Hi Yaya -minat ur knee high boot, dlm entry Ferrari. Where to get if u'r ok to share...thks!


nini ismail said...

yes... me love jelly too!

before my SF, i stay true to my GAP jelly... mmg that is my travelling shoe. hujan ker lecak.. ok jer!

nnt nak buat entry mcm u jgak la... hik hik hik...

IreneYaya said...

Kaezrin: hehehe...sila tambah lagi selo2 k. =)

Gee: Hi K Gee. Boots tu I beli kat Aldo.

Nini: hehehe..tula, best Jelly kan? Your SF pun lawa, but sometimes susah nak jumpa size. Sila sila. ;) I pun mahu mencuci mata

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