Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Red Velvet Overload!

Sorry for being silence for a while. Last few days I tried not to spend too much time sitting in front of lappy because I want to give more attentions to the kids.

I am hoping by next week I'll be active again with Euphoria Junction, so that it will still be alive and kicking. In the meanwhile, I am back on track with my Atkins plan. Wohooo can't wait to be healthy again!

This was during last few weeks, I tried to bake the Red Velvet cuppies. It's so yummy but I used too few frosting ( buat sikit sgt nak kena distribute to all cuppies ) hubby called the cuppies as Halloween cuppies and it looks scary n creepy to eat. Do u think it's too RED?

Since hubby was afraid to eat, mostly all the cuppies telah selamat ditelan by this kid. Can u see his teeth? Looks like makan sireh pulak

Then we went to Dubai last week and I went to Magnolia Bakery in Bloomingdales and tried their well known red velvet cuppies. Yummehhhhh!!! The red velvet cheesecake pun sedap and now I can't stop imagining the taste of the soft velvety cake and the thick creamy cream cheese.. YUM YUM *meleleh*


eyna said...

yer la yaya.. lama x updet EJ ;)

Syakira said...

i love RVC..but when i bake i put less amount of red xdla merah sgt :).

Yulie Elveera said...

hi, salam kenal..
sorry kacau. boleh share tak rasa the magnolia RVC tu? i mean rasa dia camner? hehe.. i'm part time baker tapi tak penah lagi dpt rasa the real RVC so dok terpk2 samada sy ni bake the real rvc or not?
sound weird soalan ni tp sgt2 rasa berterima kasih if u can comment..
tq! :)

kaezrin said...

Sedap giler nmpk cuppes tuh sumer...

IreneYaya said...

Eyna: Yaya ada email eyna pasal Charlotte. Dpt tak email yaya?

Syakira: yeke,i letak mcm dalam 3 teaspoons, dulu jadi jadi merah betul2 merah takut pulak nak makan. hehehe

Yulie: Hi salam...TQ from dropping by. I don't know how to describe, I rasa the part yg red velvet tu macam cake sponge biasa, just dia letak kaler merah. Adalah sedikit bittersweet taste, and dia tak cepat lerai or maybe the right word, padat sikit? Yg best tu the cream cheese frosting....sgt2 creamy and gebu and soft and takde bau cheese langsung! Manis dia pun elok2 je. I guess tu yg buat Red Velvet cuppies sedap. I hope it helps. =)

Kaezrin: Nnt u dtg sini kita pergi makan k? =)

lil sharky said...

love to eat red velvet cake. that looks so yummy :-)

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