Wednesday, December 15, 2010

When Izz Rides a Hummer...

......we almost burst into tears......

hehehe, tacky title right? 

It was an incredible moments to watch Izz when he was riding his first bike. The best part is to see his careful act when he slowly pushed the pedals. That is sooo him. I mean, that is one of his traits, being Careful. =) We heart you, Izz


Yan said...


nampak cuacanya agak panas tu ye..

yaNa MaLeK said...

hye sis,

b4 this i'm ur silent reader..hehehhe segan nak tegur tgk pic Izz comel with his 1 st bike ride trus teruja nak komen hehehhe

btw dah view EJ site..will review time by time if anything catches my eyes..

nini ismail said...

best nyer plus ade park yg nice n kemas. best best

our kids is growing fast kan

IreneYaya said...

Yan: Dlm pukul 9am, matahari dah naik tapi angin sejuk mcm aircond.

Yana: Akak takde facebook. So anything just email akak or YM kat auphoriajunction k?

Nini: Itulaaa..kejap sgt! Where all the time has gone?

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