Friday, December 24, 2010

I'm Cheating Again

This entry is more like a confession. Last weekends, we went to Dubai to see the Xmas decorations. We walked around the mall then mulalah perut bergendang. While we were thinking what to eat, Aiden gave his suggestion to eat "eskreng". We found Pinkberry, and had our Froyo with Berries. (Atkins said having froyo in moderation is ok)

Then during dinner I was kempunan to eat the TomYum at this Thai restaurant. I feels like it's ok just eating the rice noodles and glass noodles, lagipun I walked a lot in the malls so I've burned a lot of calories actually. (Supposed it's a no-no!)

Then the next day we went to Dubai Mall. In Dubai Mall, I passed through Dean & Deluca (BIG MISTAKE!) and Aiden was saying, " hungry, I wang ka keks". So I bought 2 cuppies.

Then since Dean & Deluca is near to Laduree, I terus beli 15 keping macarons. (TERRIBLE MISTAKE!) Dah alang2 dgn cuppies, macarons, terus pergi Magnolia beli Red Velvet cuppies and Lemon Meringue Cuppies. Memang takde kira diet langsung. But I was like I don't care, it's not like everyday I was able to eat the Magnolia cakes & Laduree. Once dah depan mata orang cakap itulah dinamakan rezeki, so janganla tolak....kan, kan, kan? =P 

~Magnolia Lemon Meringue cuppies ada lemon fillings~

But bila dah kenyang makan tu adala sedikit sesal how hard for me to tahan nafsu. At that point of time I really respect some of the skinny people who could maintain their body by not eating sweets and stuffs. How they can manage to resist all those temptations? But for me, life is too short to deprive from the foods you really love. While it doesn’t give you the license to binge on cake all day, it’s important to indulge from time to time and enjoy favorite foods in moderation. Tapi sekali makan 2 cuppies sehari ok ke? hehehe


Yours Truly said...

oh dear, those cuppies look delicious!!!!

Mrs Taz said...

haha ..cutenya " i wang ka keks " and " eskreng " so trengganu ..teringat masa duk Dungung :P

Yaya, mmg susah nak kawal nafsu sekang ni...akak ni lagik la.. dah bambam

cc said...

ke mana dietmu? jawapan dia "ke lauuuutttt.." hahhahahah

ala xpela, bkn slalu pun g dubai kn? hehe

jelita78 said...

tskk..tskkk.. sedapnyerr....
ni yg buat i pon nak pi beli cupcakes untuk minum petang karang!

IreneYaya said...

Kak Norien: Yes, u should try it whenever you are here.

Kak Zia: Akak pernah duduk dungun? akak kurus je nampak...sharela secret kak zia. Mesti akak suka makan2 sayur je ni kan?

cc: huhuhu mmg diet dah dah mcm tiap2 weekends gi dubai mmg confirm akan makan and beli benda2 ni...double huhuhu

Aida: mmg sedapppppppppp nom nom nom

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