Monday, January 11, 2010

The Floating Balls

Second time baca the title macam ada double meaning! LOL Actually this is a scheduled entry because by this time I might be in Dubai with limited Internet connection. Anyway, I saw this floating balls in Festival City and thought it was really fun! Wanted to try, but maybe I'm too heavy to make the ball floats kan. Tak pasal2 tenggelam...hahaha

Wondering how they floats ? I guess because they put pressure inside the ball macam ni and ball tu ada zipper untuk masukkan orang and tali in case bola tu tak float jauh. Interesting! =)


kaezrin said...

hmmm i rasa mcm stuck in time aja..nampak syiok tapi i mesti rasa clusterphobic kot..

m.o.m said...

I so wanna do this. Really, cam teringin gitu. I saw dekat Beijing ke HK yang ada menatang ni jugak, but knowing me ..hhmm tatau leeee, mau muntah beterabor dalam tu ....!! Cool gile !


IreneYaya said...

I suka lah nak try benda2 ni. Mcm best je berguling- guling atas air! Kalau time tu anak I ada org supervise, I rasa I dah masuk dah. Konon lah... LOL

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