Tuesday, February 22, 2011

On Izz's Birthday

"Mama, where's the picture of my birthday party?" Ok ok, sorry mama haven't uploaded your birthday pictures. =) Here they are! 

Penat mama bersengkang mata buat kek spiderman for Izz! But because of Izz, buat ajelaaa

Papa bought the iPod touch, mama bought the castle. 
Bertuah budak ni! Happy belated birthday Izz! Love u always.


jelita78 said...

oitsss.. penuh toy dah kat blakang castle tu.. amboiii.. sakan korang..
tapi great that they know when to kemas..
anak aku, huh, mak nyer yg kena kemas!

Anonymous said...

Bestnye Irene, u buat kek bday utk anak sendiri! Red velvet kah?

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