Friday, February 11, 2011

In 5 Years Ago....

10 minutes after Izz was born

 When he was 3 months old we move to Abu Dhabi

His first raya in Malaysia

His first birthday in Doha while hubby is having assignment over there. 

 Izz with our rented car during vacation in Milan, Italy

In Lake Como, Italy in August 2007 while I was 5 months preggie with Aiden

One memorable evening in Venice St Marco Square, Italy

We also brought him to see the Leaning Tower of Pisa

Near the gigantic Colosseum, Rome, Italy

In Pangkor Laut, Malaysia. Izz still bulat and peha berlapis time ni. lol

His 2nd birthday

In Dreamworld, Gold Coast, OZ

Meet the kangaroo, Izz

Warner Bros MovieWorld, Gold Coast, OZ

Near Hipprodome, Istanbul

Izz inside the Blue Mosque, Istanbul

Inside Hagia Sophia, Istanbul

Dolmabahce Palace, Istanbul

His 3rd Birthday

Beautiful resort in Muscat, Oman.

Izz in London Eye

Madame Tussuad, London

Disneyland Paris

Walt Disney Studios Paris

Outside Louvre Museum Paris

Near Eiffel Tower, Paris

5 years ago, a boy was born and he completes our life. His tears and laughter gave something meaningful to our relationship and also greater responsibilities. The first time I saw Asadil Izz, it was an instant love. I thankful and praise Allah for Him to give me something which is so precious and I promise I will take care of him by myself. I want to be with him everyday and Alhamdulillah I was able to do it for the past 5 years. We had so many beautiful moments with him. 

Happy 5th Birthday Izz!!! 
We love you very much and can't stay apart from you. =) 
Mama, Papa and Aiden love Izz soooooo much up to infinity...and beyond! =) 
We will bring you up to be a good Muslim, knowledgeable and hope to see you succeed in the world and hereafter. InsyaAllah...Amin...


sisdee said...

happy birthday izz...jadi anak yg baik ek :) stay cute!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Bday Izz...

HaslinaFirdaus said...

hepy besday izz.... sonok tengok izz membesar...

I.Q.W.A said...

izz!! da merata2 awak pergi.. lucky u!
happy bday izz :)

neeza said...

happy birthday izz..semoga izz membesar sbg muslim yg soleh..aminnn :)

jelita78 said...

cepatnya dia membesar kan..
i hate it when celebrating their birthdays..
coz i know they'll be another year older.. and my baby getting bigger..
it gets me sad everytime..
coz i want them to remain kiddos.. :(

NadiahKhair said...

happy birthday izz!!

may you'll always be blessed by Allah.

IreneYaya said...

Sisdee: TQ aunty Dee, InsyaAllah. =)

Nong: TQ aunty Nong. =)

Haslina: TQ aunty Haslina. =)

Iqwa: TQ aunty Iwa. =)

Neeza: TQ aunty Neeza. InsyaAllah, amin... =)

jelita78: TQ aunty Aida. Bila Izz besar nnt Izz suruh mama bagi baby lagi. LOL! Aunty camne?

NK: TQ Aunty Nad. Amin... =)

Mrs Faizal said...

happy birthday izz! :)

Aida Narina said...

Happy2 birthday little Izz :) :) xoxo

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