Tuesday, February 8, 2011

First Attempt

I don't have her talent, but people said practice make perfect. If we didn't try to cook till when it will be perfect, right? Anyway, this all what I've tried for the first time and hopefully after this I will have the 'moo' to make it again and again until it will be perfect. 

The mushroom and chicken pie-inti sahaja buat sendiri. Crust pakai yg instant sahaja 

Molten Lava Cake Part 1
Molten Lava Cake Part 2
Blueberry cheese pie. Crust buat sendiri, pls excuse bentuknya yg tak berapa cantik
Keratan rentas
Putu Piring buatan sendiri
Hilang kempunan mkn panas2 time sejuk best!!!

That's all folks. InsyaAllah next time if I the time, mood and the ingredients are already in the kitchen, yes I will try or practice to do it again.


Mrs Taz said...

waduh sedapnya ...

Yours Truly said...


KS said...

semuanya mengiurkan :)~~~

Syakira said...

looks yummy kak yaya :)

Akak Ratu said...

irene, bestnya.... putu piring tu feberet akak.... nak mintak resipi voleh.... he he

Anonymous said...

They all looked super yums babe. keep it up... gambar2 ni kenangan nanti uols... :)bukti for baked that, tried that. hiks..

emeezz said...

hai irene..remember me? ur long lost x school mate kt sktb..

irene..bestnyer tengok hasil cooking u nih..? tkde bleh share resepi ker? muehehehe..

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