Thursday, March 3, 2011

Food Testing

I know the first thing you will see is the jambul dekat lemon meringue tu. But I wanna talk about the scones. This is the first scones I've ever tasted. And it's from Mugg & Bean. I even can't finish it sebab besar sgt n tebal! Makan separuh je boleh rasa full n tak lalu dah. Is the scones should be really this big? I thought scones supposed to be kecil2 comel mcm bola ping pong.

And this is tea cakes. It's actually a marshmallow coated with chocolates and mcm ada cookie based kat bawah. Mmg sedap!

Banana fritters. Melampau tak if I said this is the first time I've tried the banana fritters from a restaurant? Coz I thought it was like pisang goreng, letak syrup and makan with ice cream. Actually mmg pun, but the way they fry the bananas with the hollow that make it very nice.

Red velvet cheese cake. Mmg perghhhh the cheese is very filling and soft. It melts in your mouth. Makan satu mmg kenyang and sampai your tongue pun jadi merah. They are using Oreo as the base buat this cake jadi lagi yummy!

Till then next time when I try something new I'll blog about it. ;)

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FAM said...

adusss!!! sedapnyeeeeee

I.Q.W.A said...

sedapnye!!!!!!!! :( :(

Anonymous said...

hahhaha beb, mmg jambul ittew menarik perhatian..

jelita78 said...

sajeeee je buat aku kelaparan malam malam ni..

Flower said...

Salam n selamat berkenalan dari Perth.

I've been your silent reader for sometimes now. Baru sekarang nak bersuara bila tengok your teacakes tu. It reminded me of my childhood. My mama used to buy that from Weld Supermarket many many many... years ago. Tp lepas tu dah tak jual lagi kat Msia. Dekat perth ni I jumpa balik. Happynya bukan main. Nostalgia kejap. Kat sini boleh beli kat IGA imported food section or British speciality shop. Yum yum...

Oh by the way, I love your shoes and handbag. Cantik2 giler. I'm not a bag person but LOVE shoes.

nini ismail said...

nikmat nyer makannnnnnnnn... alhamdulillahhhh

IreneYaya said...


Iqwa: =)

Nong: Kan? Tinggi betul meringue dia.

Aida: Selamat makan malam!

Flower: Salam and Selamat Berkenalan. =) TQ for leaving your comments here, the teacakes mmg sedap...I also read about Tunnock's family recipe since year 1890 from Scotland.
And Tq dear. Good to know that we have something in common. ;)

Nini: Alhamdulillah...saya ni mmg Yo-Yo dieter kan? =P

AJ said...

Hi Yaya,

I used to love the teacakes from M&S but have stopped having it bila found out one of the ingredient is gelatin(bovine) ...

IreneYaya said...

Hi AJ,
M&S punya ada gelatine ke? Tryla cari Tunnock's's nice and the ingredients takde gelatine!

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