Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Let's Learn Arabic With Izz

Izz brought home his Arabic language book. He was showing me his ا ب ت book. I recorded it and thought to share it with friends and families. 

Some of what he said were wrong, and I didn't learn Arabic so I didn't correct him. But after that I look up at the Internet, and this is what it's supposed to be. For  تاج , بطة and ثعبان are correct, but other words I need to take note and correct him. After all, good job Izz. Let's learn Arabic together ok Izz! =)

أ - أرنب 

ب  - بطة 

ت - تاج

 ث - ثعبان

 ج -  جمل

 ح -  حصان

 خ -   خروف


YaNie said...

wahh mat salleh arab!! :)

Gee Harun said...

so sweet! :)

Flower said...

My anak2 pun belajar arabic kat sekolah. Diaorg attend Australian Islamic College kat sini. So bila ada homework arabic, I mmg tak boleh ajar dia sbb I pun tak tau. Luckily, my girl's best mate egyptian so boleh lah dia telefon2 tanya.

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