Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Mysterious Black

Besides our portraits, here are his another state of the art of taking portraits...

...and It becomes very challenging when all blacks!

Well this one definitely I can call "The Mysterious Black".


jelita78 said...

hoooo shooottttt!
i love the bottega the most!!
the scales are pure beauty!

neeza said...

oh so tempting! *pengsan*

macam malas nok carra ke sudut artistik gambar2 tu..sebab item2 itu sungguhhhh..ohhhhhh...!! *pengsan lagi*

IreneYaya said...

Aida: hehe, I mcm suka gambar MJ stam and Gucci Jockey tu...sebab I'm dying now with anything black with Gold Hardware!

Neeza: Jap jap..I tahan...jgn pengsan...hehehe, ni gambar je. Bukan real. =)

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