Sunday, April 4, 2010

Who's Who on The Choo Choo

Am back from Dubai with my first choo choo *excited*

It was on SALE (and I successfully justify it with hubby, YAY!)
and saw this girl carrying 5 boxes of Choo Choo (jealous!)

Searching and searching the right ones (since most of it 4 inches high heels)

Trying and trying and showcasing it to hubby the 4 inches high heels until I almost felt down...hehehe

Cannot berjalan OK! Hmmm..what if I need to kejar Aiden...I need to be REAL!

Lastly I decided to take home this swarovski bling bling strappy sandal...which can easily match with any gold hardware bag.

Since the cost can cover my budget for 3 shoes, hafta this is gonna be my ONLY shoes for the next 3 or 4 months...(okla kot, sebab nak merasa punya pasal (nak sedapkan hati sebenarnya...hihihi)). =)


jelita78 said...

ohhhhhhhhhhhh canteeeeekkkkkkkkkkkk
i likeeeeeee
yes, we need to be stable to chase after the kids!
especially when both run in separate directions! hah!

kaezrin said...

mmg lawa..see kalau u kena poser 3 -4 bulan i kena poser setahun ok..sbb tuh i kena pass...:P

snowiffy said...

cantik babe! nampak comfy :) nk full pix u pakai boleh???

IreneYaya said...

Aida: Kenot daydream konon nak tiru SJP steady je tolak stroller dgn 4 inches high heels...hehehe..tak sanggup menyeksa kaki!

Elin: Tunggu ye..nnt I dapat invi pergi private sale lagi, I cucuk u another round..=P

Yanie: Ak ah, comfy...dia flat sandals...aiseh, malulah bebs...nnt bila tiba hari I rasa daring skit, I letak full pix I pakai, wokeh? =)

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