Monday, February 6, 2012

Personal Shopper On The Loose!

I'm back! Sorry for not updating my blog. Since I've been in twitter, blog is like a place to summarize all your twitter activities. =)

Dubai Shopping Festival has ended yesterday. It started from 5th January to 5th February. During the last 2 pregnancies, I really hate shopping but this time it's totally opposite. I guest now the shopaholic in me is becoming worst! hahaha Anyway, I'm also enjoying to browse things for others.

I've been assigned to find the wedding favours for my brother. I went inside Patchi, and they suggested this sugar coated almond and chocolate coated almond. Very nice!

DH called it pebbles!
The prototype haha...suggestions to add chocolate or chocodates while skyping with my brother.

Shopping jackets in H&M for my friend, also some Longchamp to bring it back to Malaysia

Loubies that are on sale!

Buying Tudung for my friends, they said Arzu is selling almost twice the cost!

Helping a friend who lost her LV speedy padlock

And also helping my loyal customer to choose her first B Bag through Whatsapp!!!
B beautiful!!!

And also buying this red caviar Chanel GST for a guy who wanna buy her wife a birthday present! Sweet! ;)


fazilina said...

Salam, hai much ye shawl yg tones color tu? If I nak pesan pd u boleh ke?

Rashida Rafar said...

salam, wow such good purchases!

Just want to ask, how much is the GST in black or navy blue in Dubai?

SM@A said...

Salam sis

I pun nak tanya pasal selendang tu. How much does it cost ? Thanx.

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