Sunday, May 15, 2011

Life and Career Choices

I am so proud when my other half received an interview to work (he didn't apply, but they emailed him after seeing his resume in linked in) with one of the Fortune 100 companies. Actually the company was number 1 in the list the best company to work for in 2008 and down to number 4 in 2010. Would you guess which company is that?

Try Google. =P

Got it?

 Or still lost?

Yes I've informed you, it's GOOGLE. And I google why is google is the best employer. Here is the video of google offices around the world. They have nice workplaces, free foods and the perks are endless. AMAZING

To be honest, I am worried when seeing the office. Takut best sangat duduk office sampai hubby taknak balik rumah. But no harms just go ahead with the interview, we'll see what will be their offerings.

During the first interview, we have been given a choice. The team is hiring in San Francisco, Santa Monica, Pittsburgh, Kirkland, Seattle, Lenoir NC, Las Vegas, New York as well as Dublin, London, Zurich, Munich, Sydney.

He chose Sydney. The 3rd interview was from Sydney. Hubby at first was ecstatic, but knowing they can't offer more, in fact less, so that's it. In the end of the day, how great the offices are, it's actually how much you earn and bring back home. Plus he is already in senior position in the current company, he has to start all over again if he is in Google. But the interviews were a good experience for him.

Me: Kan best if ada vacancy position for SE dekat Google Malaysia. Gaji kurang sikit pun takpe, as long as boleh balik duduk rumah sendiri.


marina anakcikbob said...

kerja dengan google?? ini sangat awesome! congrats!

jelita78 said...

congrats AEKA !!!
walaupun not as expected, but still it's a gempak giller babsss ko kena panggil ngn google weiiii!!
hah, habih kuar bahasa melayu terus..

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