Saturday, May 28, 2011

Holler Zurich!

We safely arrived in Zurich. Upon arrival, everything went smoothly. The airport is clean, especially the toilet so my first impression Zurich is a clean city.

First thing we went to swisscom to buy our simcard and 3G. The 3G Natel prepaid simcard costs 25SF with 20SF free credit. The costs for Internet is 4SF per day unlimited.

Then we took a taxi to Crowne Plaza hotel which is located in Badernestrasse. The costs of the taxi is around 60SF

This is the first hotel I've been in which provides an espresso machine in the room. Agak jakun disitu

They also provides a box of chocolates... I was so tempting to eat but the ingredients consist E471. So I just sleep with it. =(

Our lunch meal is the mi goreng indomie

Hubby was asking me whether the mineral water is nice or not but I said biasa je. Then he said it's from the Swiss alps and suddenly rasa sedap pulak air tu. Lol

We went to the nearest supermarket and bought a few fruits for dinner.

Lepas dah kenyang everyone was so tired. But the kids waited until dark before they can sleep. The sun sets at 9pm. So after 9pm baru tido.

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KS said...

have fun in geneva pulak!

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