Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Worded Wednesday - 5 Years Today in Abu Dhabi

5 years ago, we berhijrah to Abu Dhabi to get a better life. At that time Izz was 3 months old, me a new mother, and married for 2 years. I remember i felt scared; whether it was a great move to leave my career behind and to support him. Well indeed, it was a great move.

My mom was totally against it. She said it's not easy to depend on a husband and that women need to have their own nest egg. Plus i dah belajar susah2, takkan end up jaga anak and duduk dekat dapur? Plus she was worried, (as the youngest daughter) whether i would able to do everything by myself alone, far away from home. But whatever she was worried about was my motivation to be strong. 

Whatever i did was totally based on trust to my husband. We discussed about my pocket money, and we agreed on it. We also discussed about the unforeseen, and the need to take extra insurance. Plus, the company also offered benefits for the spouse and family covering unfortunate events. So it's not something that we needed to work on. The part that makes me love to support my significant other is that i have the chance to take care of my own kids. I think if any mother could have that chance they would grab it right away, right? 

Someone keeps on saying that i am wasting time living here, but i dont think i am. Hubby comes back at 5pm sharp, the kids are happy and healthy. What else could anyone asked for? Maybe i don't spend enough time and communicate with my parents and friends, but that's why they invented video Skype and social networks such as Twitter. 

5 years living here made me learn a lot of things. I love it here because it's safe, easy to eat, nice environment to bring up kids, and there is a lot of family time. But if hubby says he had enough staying here, then i will follow him wherever he wants to go. As long as my family is together and happy, that's what keeping me happy. I am so lucky and bersyukur, alhamdulillah that we have made it for 5 years here. Our life couldn't be better if it's not because of rezeki from Allah and hubby's dedication to his family and career.


marina anakcikbob said...

hi.. :)
tinggal kat mana sama je.
asalkan berada di samping orang tersayang n kids.
n as long as remember where we're from.. bukan macam si tanggang.. :D

jelita78 said...

"The part that makes me love to support my significant other is that i have the chance to take care of my own kids. "
totally agree with this!
nobody can care for our kids better than ourselves.
i would do the exact same thing if i were in your shoes!

KS said...


betul yaya, yang penting, suami dan anak2 ada depan mata. :)

sisdee said...

agree yg pnting semua depan mata :)

kaezrin said...


Happy 5th annivessary for all your wonderful years in AUH

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