Monday, May 23, 2011

Merayap Monday

Hubby is having a meeting in Dubai so I am taking this chance to follow him dan merayap. At least dapatlah merasa jadi taitai in Dubai for 1 day. Since we arrived here at 9 am, mostly the shops are still close.

Melepak dekat Paul mkn chocs eclair

Gazing at the Harvey Nichols bling bling

And pictures of a snowman, a bottle of coke and a penguin. As if we are already on the snowy mountain! (can't wait!)

Till then! Nak sambung merayap lagi ni.

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1 comment:

Flower said...

I salute you sbb boleh pakai your tribute jln2 without terpelicuk. Teringin nak beli YSL Tribute but I don't have the confidence to walk in it.

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