Friday, July 16, 2010

Let's PARRRaTYYYY with Warna Warna Berry (ies)

BLUE Berry?

BLACK Berry?

RASP Berry? (I lurveee raspberry!!!)

STRAW Berry?

What if today kita berparaty dengan this warna warna BUR Berry? 

Like LV Hampstead, dia ada base and cute feets =)

Very nice engraving details

And oso a cute pockets that u can take out in case nak carry as a pouch or clutch

So, between this 4 colours, which color would u prefer? *wink*


eyna said...

memang bleh meroyann tengok!! :D
semua chantekkkkk

ilygate said...

Are you selling these? I like the red and brown combination.

Sue said...

cantik.... how much?

Syakira said...

for sale?? i like brown n pink :)

IreneYaya said...

Eyna: kan kan? =)

Ily & Sue: Yup, I'm selling these. Please visit =)

Syakira: Yup, if interested email akak k? =)

KS said...

pink! or blue!

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