Monday, July 5, 2010

Love Is The Greatest Thing

Last 11th May 2010, genap 4 years we were here. Living here gave me a lot of new insights. But the thing that keep me alive and happy here for the past 4 years is the opportunity to see these 2 kiddos growing up. 

I remembered during the day we were here, Izz was only 3 months old and I am still an inexperience mother. Though it's quite hard for me to adjust with the new life, but I survived. At that time I was screaming for freedom. Freedom - such as time for myself, driving a car to the place that I want to go like in KL, a peaceful and quiet dinner time with hubby, etc. But non of that could happen because I have a baby which need my 24x7 attentions
Sometimes I thought the best thing I would want to have that time is freedom. But then I realize that the greatest thing we have in the world is love, and love always keeps away a little of your freedom. When you are a mother and have children you must to wake a few times in the middle of the night just to feed them, later, you must teach them to be a good boy, etc. When you loves someone you are letting aside freedom. 
Well now here we are going through again the 5th summer time in United Arab Emirates with these 2 toddlers whom always happy to escort us wherever we go. We are now too comfortable with that and would feel empty without them. Their antics make us smiling and laughing through any kind of situation of the day even during this HOT summer time! =)


wanita biasa said...

ya , my 2nd girls is already 15 mths and im still adjusting myself. aku mmg bukan super ambitious mom.

aku naik agin kalau baby aku meragam tak pasal pasal.

aku rasa nak cari support group je. !

kaezrin said...

hmmm kalau x jadi kemana2 gi dubai balik lah next yr..rindu pulak..i rasa i pun akan survive duduk sana kot...:P

snowiffy said...

having kids r the greatest thig on earth babe and being a mother is another great experiece ever :) tats y bila i xde anak, i sanggup pinjam anak my sis cos nk rasa sgt jadi ibu n i'll never regrets :)

seLf rEstrained... said...

never leave home without sun tan lotion & those extra big shades... xpe..we'll be nice and perfectly tanned for Eid,,,happy summer darL!!!

m.o.m said...

sekejap aje kan dah 4 tahun. I remember I did leave a comment dekat your fp, time tu awak baru nak get used to it.

This year will be my 9th year, away from home. Pejam celik, pejam celik ...dah 9 tahon rupanya i ni idop nomad.


IreneYaya said...

Hajar: 15 months ok lagi bebs...nnt bila dah masuk 2 tahun, jadi terrible twos tu aku tak tahan ni...Aiden pun, susah betul nak faham bila aku sebut "NO"..lepas tu buat lagi...All we need is to sabar and this phase will be over soon..bila dia besar sikit, everything will be fine. =)

IreneYaya said...

Elin: I think, there's a lot of things to see now coz time u datang dulu takde:
1. Burj Khalifa- U can tour naik at the top of Burj Khalifa, and suruh Jaz propose u lagi for the 2nd time. hahahaha

2. Dubai Mall - Memang gila masuk Dubai Mall...ada Bloomingdales, ada Galleries Lafayette, and aquarium Dubai, etc etc

3. Atlantis - Giler besar jugak hotel tu

4. In October nnt Ferrari world kat Yas Island bukak..kalau theme park boleh pergi situ

dan bykkkk lagi kot termasuk global village, Dubai Festival City, and macam2 lagi..tapi nak datang sini kena prepare duit byk untuk makan, shopping and excursions. hehehehe

IreneYaya said...

Kak Yanie: Yes, never regrets. InsyaAllah, bila u dah cuba jadi ibu Allah akan berkatkan lagi your doa and one day you can get your own baby. It happens to one of my family I believe in this. =)

Ina: Happy summer too dear!

Rini: Yes, I pun ingat...I realllyy appreciate your comments time tu because at that time I was floating don't know what to do and having someone to share her own experience also makes me feel sgt better! TQ Rini! =)

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