Thursday, July 1, 2010

Be The Best Host

Want to entertain your guests differently during this Eid?
I accept orders on Wedgwood Wild Strawberry and Sweet Plum
And also there's a great value of Royal Doulton Fusion White 20-pieces set

Kindly check the prices at Euphoria Junction
If u want to customize or add more items such as oval dish, sugar box, creamer, soup plate,
Kindly send me an email at
I open orders at limited time only. =)



sera_a said...

i'm just curious, i've heard that bone china is forbidden to muslims as they use bones (which we dont know what animal bones they use). is it true?

are these sets for dining or just display items. the designs are beaatiful but it would be such a pity to pay a lump sum of money when in the end it goes to display area.


wanita biasa said...

are they china bone?

china bone tu org muslim boleh pakai ke?

IreneYaya said...

Sera_a/ Hajja: Bone china is a type of porcelain body in which calcined cattle / Ox bone (bone ash) as it's component.
I heard yg haram tu if u beli dekat flea market u kena samak dulu, sebab u dunno previous users makan pork ke tak.

sera_a said...

oh i see. it's just that i've read somewhere nowadays they use whatever bones they can get. p

plus, is it ok if the animals are not slaughtered? i mean, we are eating off the plate, so i'm just wondering.. i did buy a bone china and when i cam across this issues, i've stopped using but it's such a pity!! such a waste.

IreneYaya said...

Sera_a: There's no proof they are making such claims on whatever bones they can get.

I think yes, it's haram to eat the not slaughtered animals. But we didn't eat them, it's just been used as one of the component to make the pinggan, same as if u are using those animal fats / component in the cosmetics / perfumes.

If I, I wouldn't take whatever people gospels, unless if it's proven with real source. Real means not a blog, forwarded emails or based on one person judgments. But kalau u was-was nak guna then better don't.

nong said...

Hi Yaya..

Selama ni jadi silent reader.. just nak tambah sikit, I had the privilage to check this matter with of key people at Katrin BJ (the distributor of RD, RA etc in msia), according to her, all bone chinas now are using synthetic bone.. a man made "bone structure" that doesn't involve any animal bones at all.

masa dulu, they use ox/whale bones.

I.Q.W.A said...

ritu mak ayah shopping pinggan mangkuk kat stoke on trent..
yang lawaknya.. ayah selalu bising kat mak..
pinggan mahal2 kasi tetamu pakai..
ayah pakai pinggan biasa2..
hahaah..sejak tu mak kasi ayah pakai pinggan2 yang canggih tu :)

IreneYaya said...

Noraini: Hi dear, TQ for the info. =) Suka suki je sebab nama dia Bone China, orang kata dia guna tulang babi. hehehe...

Iqwa: Hahaha..itulah, akak pun guna je sekarang untuk serve foods for hubby...kalau pecah sure tension..tapi the kids mmg kena serve pakai corelle lah..kecik lagi. hehehe

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