Monday, July 26, 2010

Hari Riang Ria Kanak-Kanak

How's your weekends?
Mine was colourful

As parents, we want the kids to have a great time.
As usual, we went to Dubai because everything we wanted is there.
So Thursday, after hubby habis kerja, he drove us to Dubai.

We checked in at Crowne Plaza Festival City for 2 nights.

Then we brought the kids to Toys'r'Us
The next day, we wanted to bring them to Barney show at the hotel
But it was fully booked. 
Letak waiting list pun tak dapat. =(
So ambil gambar kat luar jela...

Then we brought them to the playroom
At least dapat change focus from the Barney show
~Aiden main pool table dgn aweks..hehe~
Almost 1 and a half hour I waited them playing 
Ajak keluar taknak keluar
Bila dah keluar, si kecik tarik baju masuk balik
Until they terasa lapar Aiden came to me..."Mama, Am Angry..." sambil gosok perut
Angry ke Hungry? hahaha...
Then lepas makan, we went to the pool...
the weather is very humid sampai lense camera pun sweating.

The next day, we brought them to the movie watching "Despicable Me"
The kids gelak ketawa dlm cinema makes us smile
Lepas movie, makan Yogurt Ice Cream,

Lepas habis tawaf satu Dubai Mall,
Then we Tawaf Mall of Emirates pulak
And Izz dapat tgk clown show while Aiden was sleeping on the stroller

We are hoping eventhough you are both still small,
You'll remember these great days. =)

1 comment:

aS_c0mei said...

bestnyeeee.tak sabar nak g dubai!bila la dpt pegi ni.hihihi...

cute je aiden ckp hungry tu angry.kakakakkaka.nnt bila dia besar,dia bc balik entry akak ni,mesti dia pon gelak.hahaha...

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