Thursday, July 8, 2010

We Have Turned Down Free Tickets To Egypt And Melbourne

I guess ramai yg suka travel and melancong
Who doesn't kan?
Especially melancong for free
After balik from UK & Paris that day,
We got 4 free tickets to Egypt under HSBC UAE promotion
But we tak ambil pun the dah expired. 
Then now, we got an offer from Air Asia X
To go to any destinations except London
For the tickets we bought from Abu Dhabi-KL-Abu Dhabi  for 4 of us at AED1295
(coz they have cancelled the flight)
At first we thought nanti nak balik Malaysia for home leave, 
we can use it for another vacation to Melbourne or Gold Coast
But then, bila fikir2, mcm better to turn it down oso
Izz might go to school a week after raya, then hubby ada 10 days left cuti
Sure hectic nak balik KL then to Miri then to Trg and then nak fly for 7 hours to OZ pulak! 
Well maybe takde rezeki this time
InsyaAllah, ada hikmah dia... 
Maybe we should focus on something more permanent...
Like a house, maybe? 
Nanti rumah siap sure banyak nak guna duit! 
Betul tak? =)


Emy Ahmad said...

betul betul betul..
nanti dah ready rumah boleh buat house warming kami datang ramai ramai..T____T

aS_c0mei said...

kan best kalau bleh pass ke org lain.mesti ramai beratur nak tiket akak tu.wakakkakaka

IreneYaya said...

Emy: hehe...akak sure will invite Emy. =)

As: Itula pasal...akak dah asked them boleh tak nak tukar nama. Yg egypt tu boleh, tapi expiry dia by End of May tu jugak kena travel. Then yg AA tu akak ingat nak tukar nama bagi parents akak n anak sedara akak, tapi diaorg tak bagi...tak aci lah!

nurul Adha said...

i am your silent reader, tapi tetiba je nak komen kt post ni since u mentioned miri.
Husband akak from miri ke? im a mirian too :)

IreneYaya said...

nurul Adha: Hi Nurul! Parents-in-law menetap kat Miri. Tapi actually they all asal from Kuching, Sarawak. =)

Syakira said...

ala bestnye tix free..xpe..bila2 pun boleh pergi kan huhu..

IreneYaya said...

Syakira: Yup, tempat tu tak lari mana2...Should focus untuk spend for something yg last longer. =)

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