Friday, July 2, 2010

I Want To Do Bad Thing With You

Now the popular talks is about Eclipse-The Twilight Saga
But here I am talking about the HBO TV Series True Blood

Seriously I'm hooked!
From the first season to second season,
The stories is sooooo ganas...makes u wanting more and more
and my hubby who cannot take Twilight movies 
because he felt the vampires in Twilight is somekind of 'soft'
also hooked in True Blood because the Vampires inside here, they are soooo ganas!
Not only they have Vampires, they have Shapeshifters, Maenad and next season they gonna have Werewolves!

But this movies banyak censored (but bukan sebab tu dia best)
So dinasihatkan kalau dah download, sangat tidak sesuai untuk tgk series ni depan kanak2
We always pasang their cartoon movies dulu kat living room 
and we watch the True Blood in the bedroom.

Same as Twilight, this TV Series is actually adapted from The Sookie Stackhouse Novels - a series of books written by bestselling author Charlaine Harris that were first published in 2001
 And my favourite charater is Eric Northman!
The Viking Vampire, so arrogrant but having a true joie de vivre.
I also heard The Vampire Diaries pun best...

Is there anyone also watching the True Blood series? =)


Ms Lola said...

will hv to check my movie bank. i saw dexter in it. tp tak smpt tgk lg. my husband is following dexter btw.

knv said...

yep vampires diary pun best jugak. young vampires tapi takdelah lembik cam edward cullen tu hihihihi.


ilygate said...

Season 3 dah start. Dah ada 3 episodes. You can download them now.

I.Q.W.A said...

true blood ade kt msia ke ek? mcm nak tgk jugak je!

IreneYaya said...

Lola: Dexter best! ihiks..I belum tgk lagi Season 4...ok, cergas nak download skrg! hihihi

knv: yeke? hehehe...byk TV series best boleh follow ni... TQ for the info dear, appreciate it. =)

Ilygate: I baru je download lepas u cakap. Tak sabar nak tunggu Episode 4, apa jadi dgn Lorena! and I suka part tgk Eric courting Sookie. Tapi kesian pulak Bill...=)

IQWA: For sure takkan masuk Malaysia, byk censored! Tapi u can download on net. =)

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