Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The September Issue

Do u love fashion?
Yes I do
In fact some people would think there's more better things than fashion...
Yes it is..I love fashion, but it only comes to a real level
Like Anna Wintour said, fashion makes people nervous,
Yes fashion makes me nervous and the excitement of mix and match feels really good

 And I just watched this documentary on my TV!
This real life Devil Wears Prada documentary.
It's about the editor in chief of American Vogue magazine - Anna Wintour!
She is labeled as the "ice woman" but seems to me she is quite a human indeed.
The fact that I love she is her own person, knowing what works for her and sticking to her guns.

And I think Grace Coddington (The Vogue creative director) is a brilliant woman

And can u believe it, she is 69 years old! 
(but gambar atas tu gambar lama, masa dia jadi model dulu)
She must knows a lot about fashion!
See all her works....every single detail of it is totally awesome!

Oklah, masa untuk rilex2 sudah habis
Saya nak kena sambung buat kerja rumah
Till tomorrow ya girls!

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