Monday, May 31, 2010

UK Paris Vacation Day 6


Kepada sesiapa yg masih belum bosan membaca my travel journal, now I nak continue to Day 6- DISNEYLAND PARIS
Thought haritu semangat nak upload day to day, but now macam tak sempat, coz byk benda nak buat. =)

Anyway, Day 6, early morning we checked out and took London Black Cab to St Pancras Eurostar Station.
Taxi fares over there standardlah...macam 10-15 pounds like dat, yg tak tahannya bila darab 5 rasa agak cekik darah....hehehe...we took the first Eurostar to Paris for that day. We bought the ticket last minute that time, so the price was like around 400 pounds return to Paris for 2 adults and 1 children. (Aiden is below 4)

 Sampai Disneyland, we checked in to Magic Circus Hotel. We booked the hotel and disneyland park ticket for 3 days 2 nights. We got 3 days park hopper tickets along with the package. The package cost around 680 Euro including tax. I suka bilik dia..siap ada bunk bed for kids!

Views ala2 Chateau de France

We were sooo tired! So sampai bilik makan dulu (saya masak mushroom spagetti) then we relax for 1 hour, mandi and we went to Disneyland naik shuttle bus.
 We sempat pergi for the NEW GENERATION FESTIVAL. YAY!
Masuk2 je ada parade! Tapi Aiden tido.....huhuhu

 The mermaid


 Princess and The Frog

Snow White, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty

Tak lepas peluang bergambar at The Magic Castle!

The kids playing at one of the playgrounds

Dekat The Haunting House

Then we tengok show lagi...
Ada The Incredibles,  Ratatouille, Buzz, Woody and Monsters Inc
Time ni Aiden dah bangun, they were so happy!
Then we went to Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast!

Seronok!!! Izz and Aiden score shooting with laser!

Then we jalan2 beli souvenirs until Disneyland closed at 7pm.

We went back to the hotel and they all main lagi another round 

Since dekat Disneyland Paris takde restaurant halal, that day we makan dekat bilik,
We found a shop outside the train station, jual turkey halal
So makan roti (without E471) and turkey with mayonnaise + cheese.
The kids suka makan potato bun and roti with nutella. =)

To be Continued with Day 7.


Yours Truly said...

wah...the hotel so cute la! love the bunk bed...great for us too yang ada dua gals family can share 1 room!

MaMa3H said...

mmg izz & aiden terlebih excited kan....bila lah nk sampai sana...:)

IreneYaya said...

Yours Truly: Yup, bunk bed tu practical, siap ada sheer divider so parents ada privacy! =)

Mama3H: InsyaAllah, one day...tak dapat ke Paris, Hong Kong ada Disneyland jugak kan? Gold Coast pun best. =)

It's Me! said...

hi! thanks for this entry, hati ni ada ura2 nak gi Paris hujung tahun. So this is helpful for my planning. Thanks IY! teruskan ngan Day 7, 8 9 10..heheh.. TQ!

wanita biasa said...

yaya, i loike ur bag !

kaezrin said...

i rs most disneyland hotel mmg very accomodative mcm tuh kan...bilik mmg boleh duduk comfortable abis with the kids kan...

IreneYaya said...

Enie: TQ for reading my blog! Will do and do let me know if u need more info k? Happy to help. =)

Hajja: TQ...tula, i pun perasan ur list haritu ada miu miu coffer kan?

Elin: Yup, great for family vacation. Yg lagi best kalau dapat duduk hotel yg mmg dalam Disney itself, Aeka offer haritu tapi rasa macam mahal gilos!!! Ni pun dah cukup bagus dah.

Mai said...

Nak tanya, tiket disney parc tu baik beli online atau beli kat sana ( hotel atau disney parc itself)?

IreneYaya said...

Salam Mai, I beli online. Sampai situ check in and dia bagi Disney park ticket for 3 days

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