Monday, May 24, 2010

UK Paris Vacation Day 4 Part 1

Sorry been soooo busy with chores, photography and kerja mengupload EJ still tak dapat buat coz server down. 

We continue our travel journal with Day 4.

Early morning we checked out, and went to my friend's house in Fortis Green, London sebab nak tinggalkan harta beli kat Bicester....(coz we plan to travel light to Paris) Tak sempat nak berborak lama because we needed to return our rented car. We have decided not to keep the car because the parking in London is 50 Pounds per day. So might as well we took the hop on hop off bus untuk tour.

After that, we checked in dulu in Intercontinental London Park Lane. The place is so strategic! Just besides the Hard Rock Cafe and a short walk from Picaddily / Buckingham Palace / Hyde Park / Harrods (but I forgot to go to Harrods, bley?? =))

The pictures of the room are with hubby. Will upload later...but dalam bilik ada this and we were staying at the highest floor and dapat access to the club floor


 So, lepasla breakfast and tea makan cereal, boiled eggs, yogurt, juice, coffee, tea, buah, kurma and baklava, pita, humus pun ada...


Then we've met Lily!!!
YAY! I missed Lily so much...she is one of my best colleagues in TM dulu, lunchmate, tablemate.
 Seronok dapat jumpa Lily!
Thanks Lily for coming down all the way from Manchester to London just to meet Irene & family. 
So here pictures from Lily, and I'll upload later pictures from hubby's camera...kerja meng-edit masih tertangguh.


Time makan at Bonda restaurant in Paddington...sedap!

In Oxford Street

Dalam H&M mencari jacket untuk Izz (we didn't expect in May it'll be around 6 degrees! So kesian Izz, sweater dia nipis). And I was shocked because the kid's T-shirt 3 pounds sahaja sehelai...if in Dubai mahu AED35-50 sehelai! Tu belum time sale lagi.....huhuhu


jelita78 said...

ohhhhhhhhh bestnyaaaaaa!!
hey, u bawak satu stroller, larat ke izz jalan tu?
i dulu pi hongkong boleh laa pakai baby carrier untuk arif, but now he's 2yrs old, mau patah bahu ni!
nak bawak twin stroller, mcm bagak plak untuk travelling.. nak bawak 2 stroller, lagi laa leceh.. so, camner ekk?

Siti Nurul Huda said...

huhu bestnyerrr!..missed u both, Irene & Lily!

IreneYaya said...

Aida: I buat satu special entry utk jawab soalan u..hihi

Huda: Miss u tooooo....always remember those days masa susah senang IPVPN dulu kan? *wink* Huda, Irene baru tahu Cik Nab pun kat UCL...tapi tak jumpa dia...Nnt balik mesti jumpa Huda dis taim!!

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