Thursday, May 20, 2010

Oh My GUCCI!!!

I still haven't got full pictures for the 4th day from hubby, so today I can't continue to write our travel journal
InsyaAllah, I'll try to update tomorrow
So today, we will be opening the items from Bicester, UK and La Marnee Village, France.

So feast your eyes...
Please note, I didn't buy only for myself, I personally search beautiful and great deal items and pass it on to my Euphoria Junction customers. =)

TADAAAAAAAAA...... bukan kasut saya, ini customer saya punya...bought in Dubai...tapi sebab cuns sgt, 
I kenot resist to show it to u all..
In case my customer is reading this, ampun ye, I know u sporting... =)

In Bicester, I bought this wallets. I'll upload more pictures and details in EJ InsyaAllah this Sunday k.
 Gucci Men's Leather Wallet

Gucci Men's GG wallet

Guccissima Baby Pink Wallet
Guccissima Beige Wallet

Gucci Chain Wallet.  Can also be used as dinner bag

And can u believe it, I found this lovely bag in Bicester! If I didn't buy the grey last time, I would have snatch this one for my personal collection. 

And for TOD'S, I bought this practical Tod's Roxy and Pashmy bags. I was having so much difficulties to think about which bag to bring for travel, and I was thinking I wish I had a bag that is mainly shoulder carry and can be transformed into crossbody (in case nak pimpin, nak dukung anak, nak angkat barang and susah nak kena ragut ). It also must be light, weather proof and has front pocket for easy access for passport, tickets, etc....but at the same time I nak stylish jugak, sebab sure masa travel nak ambil gambar banyak2 kan...for memories...and I fall in lurve seeing them wearing this bag!

And obviously it's super practical for travelling! You also can spill, run in the rain, throw it around, and it will still maintain its shape, color, and will not get ruined. This no-hassle and no-worry bag is also great for everyday.

And the price is starting from RM1300. 

And this red with gold hardware Tod's is soooooooo gorgeous!!!

And since the dream to buy the Alma Blue Nuit has vanished (coz beli new mcm mahal banyak dari harga yg pre-loved but like new condition yg saya jual haritu, and yg smaller tak sesuai dgn saya yg gemox ini...), 
I've been bitten by this cyan blue Tod's G-bag that I found in La Marnee Village, France!

Very sensuous and boleh crossbody, shoulder carry and also the leather if very soft, gorgeous and light!

And another rembatans from La Marnee Village:

Longchamp Le Pliage bag. Price is starting from RM390, which is lower than retails

Last but not least, my shoes...

now these 3 are the new members of my collection which added to......oh my, tak sedar!!! bila kumpul2 untuk ambil gambar baru I realize... Serious now I don't have the reason to add more shoes!

That's all folks! 
No more gambar, unless bags yg my customer pre-order (which dah post dah earlier) and my Chanel(s).
That one later k.


m.o.m said...

ive got that sling Tods ( in silver ). It's so easy bila nak travel, plus it's quite roomy jugak, boleh segala mala campak masok. A few pockets tu pon help jugak, as nak letak mobile phone and parking tickets or whatever tix, sbb nak godek dalam beg leceh nak bukak zip, nak tutup zip !.

ps : ive sent you an sms !!


kaezrin said...

pelham tuh lawa gilosss..tolonggg...

kasut gucci first tuh pun lawa tolongggg...

tods biru u to die forrr..

okeh now i dah pengsannnnn

and ur shoes collection............/double i pengsannn

naddy said...

nice catch :)

neeza said...

Oh My Gucci!! Mak nak pengsan!


haruslah 'merewang' kat EJ ahad ni..

dd said...

hi there.. saje nak tanye the cyan blue Tod's G-bag.. tu for sale ke.. if its so... how much ye...
thnks dear.

myjuliana said...

kak elin ni asyik pengsan jek. hehehe. cuba you plak tunjuk gambar collection kasut and handbag you, sure i plak pengsan. ngeeee

yaya, takde pre-loved shoes nak let go murah2 ke? hehehe.. btw, yaya UK size berapa?

snowiffy said...

yaya, i *pengsan* bangun balik *pengsan balik* gosok mata *pengsan balik! gorgeous shoes collection u have :)


hie yaya,

i'm wondering if you plan to sell the le pliages? if you are, can i please buy one? i'm interested in the large long handle in baby blue. please email me at thanks :)

IreneYaya said...

Rini: The tod's sling best and ringan pulak tu...tak sanggup dah sling yg berat2, rebeh bahu hokeh...hehehe

Elin: Ya Allah, I pun tak sedar kasut I byk ni bebs...bila tgk balik, inila kesnya asyik keluar and nak bawak balik something...

Naddy: TQ =)

IreneYaya said...

Neeza: Aiseh, i tak sempat lagi uplaod brg kat EJ

dd: TQ for your interest. Cyan Blue Tod's rasanya mcm nak simpan. =)

Julie: Yaya IT size 37.5. US 7.5..kdg2 38. Sama ke? Kalau sama boleh je jual murah2 kat Julie. =P Tapi sana kena pakai boots sokmo laaa...sejukkkk...beku kaki kekgi! hihihi

IreneYaya said...

Kak Yanie: Berapa kali pengsan bangun balik daaa...I tgk u punya barang lagilah, pengsan tak bangun2! hihihi...

Nora: I already emailed you. Check your email k dear? TQ for your interest!

Syakira said...

i've been eyeing those tod's roxy n pashmy bag ..then tgk kat ur blog byk dah xd hehe..xd rezeki

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