Tuesday, May 25, 2010

2 Toddlers and 1 Stroller

How to manage 2 kids and 1 stroller during travel?
The abang have to berjalan lah...
But of course sometimes when we had to be in line or take a long walk especially in disneyland
Or time dia nak tido, or tired, he'll say, "Mama, I'm tired. I want to sit"
Then bertukar dgn Aiden. Aiden suka je berjalan, but our problem Aiden jalan slow. 
Budak kaki kecik, so langkah pun comey je. =)

So, the priority of the stroller is for Aiden
But if Izz nak duduk at the same time Aiden duduk,
We gave Izz one condition:
Izz must hold adik tightly no matter what, or you can't sit.
Then problem solved. 
Everytime both nak duduk, I just flap altogether.
But time tolak tu mmg kena extra careful, takut Aiden tersembam
and Alhamdulillah nothing bad happened, coz Izz hold his brother very tight.

Anyway, thanks to McLaren, mmg senang and tahan lasak jugak stroller ni. =)


jelita78 said...

so that's how u did it..
oh well, lucky u izz willing to hold aiden..
unlike my amin, he said arif is too heavy to sit on his lap..
byk plak komplennya!

kaezrin said...

i sometimes did that too but as aida was saying khilfi complaint adik berat...so thats the reason of the buggy board..tp kdg2 rimas jugak ngan buggy board tuh bila takde org nk duduk atas tuh..

mana pi phil and thed u??

and yes maclaren is the way to go..love it big timeeee

IreneYaya said...

I guess Izz tak complain sebab kalau dia complain dia takleh duduk. hahaha...

Phil and Theds is too bulky. Mula2 takut gak nnt regret tak bawak P&T but we glad we tak bawak P&T sebab nnt it will slower down our movement. =)

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