Wednesday, May 26, 2010

UK Paris Vacation Day 5 Part 1

Morning, after breakfast, we walked from Park Lane to Picaddily and catched the bus from there.

We stopped at London Eye and was sooo excited to get into it.

We had to queue about 15 minutes.
And it took about 30 minutes to finish one circle

The views are so spectacular! =)

And after London Eye, 
Guess WHAT???
We've MET Robert Pattinson!!!
Me not a fan - but just tahu dia berlakon Harry Potter and Twilight

The best part siap dapat chance ambil gambar hokeh!
He is soooooo tall!
Nasib baik hubby kewl....coz he pun baru 24 years old.
Wait till next entry part 2 tomorrow....*wink*


Mrs Faizal said...

LIKE juga!!!!

sisdee said...

hahahah sure ada yg pngsan nnt sape tgk gambar tue ek hehehhehe..robert pattinson..hehehheheh...

cantik tul gambar2 nie :)

jelita78 said...

suspen laaa plak..
cepat upload!! cepat!!

m.o.m said...


Di manakah anda ? Ive sent you sms tadi. Thank you, ive the stuff ! Time kasih banyak banyak yer !


IreneYaya said...

Jgn pengsan ehh...sat lagi I upload

Rini: I got 2 of your SMSes...tapi I takleh reply coz credit my handphone habis..hehehe...then I tak keluar rumah dah dekat 3 hari sebab now panas giler kat luar! Nnt malam ni I beli credit I reply balik kat u cepat2 k?

m.o.m said...

Okeh, at least I know you that you're ok and well. I thought you tak sihat ke, something like that.

thanks for the fridge magnet ok !


Rabica Samsung said...

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