Wednesday, May 19, 2010

UK Paris Vacation Day 3

We were supposed to check out early morning but with Izz, Hubby & I demam, selsema, it took quite sometime for us to wake up. (Aiden je yg sihat boleh lompat2...terror dia tak berjangkit pulak tu! =) )
Around 10pm, dah makan breakfast and mandikan the kids, we get ready and pack semua, suddenly hubby said there's a fire engine outside the next building. We thought there might be a fire at the next building because there's a lot of people evacuate (but never came across our mind that the fire will spread, etc). Then almost at 11pm, the fire alarm rang. Immediately we evacuate and ran down to the stairs. Luckily we were staying on the 3rd floor. 

Then when we arrived downstairs, the Fire Marshall came to us and told us it's actually a fire drill. LEGA!!!! Risau barang2 semua kalau terbakar how lah nak continue our journey...Then we immediately checked out and drove to London from Birmingham. But along the way we'll be stopping at the Bicester Village.

After the fire drill

In Bicester Village, it took me abour 3 hours to shop. I bought some Gucci and Tod's for EJ and also 3 pairs of shoes for myself. I found the T-bar Tod's shoes that I like in Dubai before, but it's quite pricey in Bicester. Knowing I can get cheaper in Dubai, so I didn't buy that one instead I bought something else yg mmg berkenan sangat and susah nak jumpa size kat Dubai. =)

Hasil rembatans in Bicester....will upload later the isi in here and EJ, I PROMISE!

Then from Bicester, hubby drove us towards London and this time we checked in and stayed in Crowne Plaza London Ealing. I never thought the hotel room in Europe can be quite big.

The best part I like the tub...boleh berendam sambil tengok TV!!! =)

Makan?? Pagi we makan sandwich tuna, and bekalkan untuk tengah hari...then dinner saya masak nasi goreng dgn telur and ikan bilis...then we makan dgn serunding and also beef jerky...tak larat dah nak keluar cari tempat time tu dalam 6 kat Bicester pun sambil menggigil sebab outdoor and windchill yg saya tak tahan tu...=)


Mrs Faizal said...

yaya, i suka bila sgt tgk u update blog. terus view n baca. tu baru sikit hasil rembatans kan kan kan.. ihikss. can't wait for the next enrty. tak sabar jgk nak tgk isi hasil rembatans. hahahaa :D

kaezrin said...

cik kak..u masak nasi goreng dlm apa u?? citer sikit.kjot i boleh berguru...

the hotel is awesome..mmg besar yg amats....

cepatlah spill isi perut...

Emy Ahmad said...

next time datang berlin pulak..=)

hazri said...

err u msk nasi grg kat hotel? camne,camne?hihi. x sabar tunggu entry seterusnye. btw, u dah x nak ke update kat fotopages u, x puas la tgk gambar kat sini :D

IreneYaya said...

Syima: Semua isi rembatans in the next entry. hehehe =)

Elin: Nnt I letak gambar the magic pot tu, k?

Emy: Maybe kena letak priority kat benda lain dulu lepas ni...kalau ada peluang lagi InsyaAllah.... =)

Hazri: Maybe will upload more pictures kat still with mr hubby kena tunggu dia process dulu. Nnt saya upload gambar periuk nasi goreng tu. Recommended guna utk travel!

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