Thursday, August 26, 2010

Sharing the iPad

Today I am trying to blog from my iPad
Seriously I am addicted with this thing
I can't let it go even the time I got to go to the loo...hahahaha

The first thing I did is to install a few applications
And one of them is zinio
And in a few seconds I already subscribe 6 magazines for a year
The best part the subscription costs only USD8 each for a year!

The experience reading magazine from iPad is really kewl
It's like flipping the page itself from the real magazine but the color is so bright and true. Seriously this iPad makes me more addicted to read!

So here are some fashion screenshots that I would like to share with u

~learning the type of trousers~

~am drooling over this fire engine red!~

~The trend now is to update lace into your looks...and semalam I went to promod, almost wanted to buy theseeeee...coz they are so niceee...harga je take nice =(~

~And there's like a few persamaan with the shape of this new dior n BV with roady n artsy~

~ And what do u think about fur and shearling?~

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jelita78 said...

sungguh kewl sekali baca blog post u kali ni..
terasa aura ke-ipad-an nya..

YaNie said...

nak jugak!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

jelita78 said...

beb, elaborate sket pasal fire engine tu..
tak tido mlm i dok teringat kat dia.. hehe..

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