Thursday, August 26, 2010

Our Atkins Testimonial

I wanted to go on a diet for quite some time but I couldn't because of all our habitual food and drink. Being Asian, we consumed rice daily. Saya memang jenis tak boleh hidup tak makan nasi. Hubby pulak jenis tak boleh minum air kosong, mesti nak minum air manis. We had a bad habit of drinking carbonated soft drinks. Even our kids seemed to be addicted to Coca Cola. Bad kan?

Then it came to one point after our 2010 UK-Paris vacation. We felt so sluggish, tak fit, senang tired, and we started wondering: are we really that old? With the invention of a new gadget (iPad) made us explore more and understand the true meaning of losing weight. Hubby read an ebook entitled "You, The Owner's Manual." We also read about the news of the increasing rate of diabetes which is scary. There were saying, beringat sebelum we thought deeply and reminded ourselves that we shouldn't continue like this. We have a choice and it's not too late.

Someone in our family was diabetic at the young age. Once dah kena, the experience nak kena go through inject insulin everyday is not fun. And once you're diabetic, you also susah nak focus kerja and cepat fatigue. Since hubby is our family breadwinner, I need to take a good care of him, and it's time for us to change. So he chose Atkins for our family to follow.

During the induction stage, we had trouble sleeping, and pernah one time we were even shaking due to carb withdrawal. But we supported each other so that we can go through this. I cooked Atkins approved meals everyday and counted carbs. So, for 1 month we ate salads, proteins and cheese sahaja; no bread, no rice, no potatoes and no nuts. We just ate vegetables (I selalu buat Thai beef salad, celery sticks with ranch dressing, kerabu sotong and chicken caesar salad). For snacks, we had cube cheese. For protein, we had salmon, steak, chicken, prawns and squid. You can also find a few delicious atkins recipes on the Internet.

After a month, I lost 3kg and hubby lost 4kg. In 3 months, I lost 4.5kg and hubby lost 10kg. He also now can use his old clothes. We tried slowly to change our diet, makan wholegrain rice or wild rice and keep monitoring our weight. Now as long as weight tak naik, then it should be ok. I guess if you want to try Atkins, you must know how your body works and how it responds to the type of foods you eat. Try to educate yourself and motivating each other tu penting. If you try it by yourself, be strong and don't follow others and set your own goal. Every body is unique and keeping a high fat and low carb diet with maintenance of a high metabolic rate (through exercise) is key.

Now, diet is one part of the equation to losing weight; exercising is another. We tried to commit to going to the gym every other day but the trip and equipment were boring and demotivating. So instead we since invested in the Wii Active: More Workouts exercise game from EA. Not only does it burn calories, it is fun and keeps our heart rate up for a healthy cardio.

We can now keep losing weight and feeling great with Atkins and Wii Active. Eventually we will hit our BMI target. We hope you can too. =)

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jelita78 said...

oh goshhhh
thats impressive!!
i think thats the advantage of u being there..
i mean, not only u're not influenced by others, but you get to control your diet efficiently..
congrats to both of u!!

aS_c0mei said...

alamak,bila baca entry akak ni,bersemangat nak kurus!!!terus g website atkins.hahaha.saya dah brape kali nak beli wii active tak terbeli sbb pk nanti tak guna.membazir nnt...hahaha.

iskk,camne nak control ek.saya suka yg amat makan nasik!8kali sehari pon takpeee....

walaupon bmi saya masih normal,tp rasa gemok sgt....nak kuwussss!!!=(

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