Monday, August 9, 2010

10 Things I Hate About Myself

I am joining my buddy, Elin from this 30 Days Of Truth Entry.

So here I am writing about my Day 01- Something you hate about yourself.

1. I like to procrastinate things. But I work better under pressure
2. I got this "mood swing" thingy which could affected other people around me

3. YES, I am emotional too, but now I am trying to balance it

4. Saya cepat naik HOT. Now trying to cool down and take it easy, takut inherit HBP

5. Sometimes saya penakut/coward. I need courage.

6. I know I mcm tak bersyukur, but since I was smaller, I've always been kena panggil Yaya Kulit Hitam...Yaya dok comey sebab hitam. hihihi My Tok tak sayang I sebab I hitam. (Dlm my family mostly kulit putih. So sometimes I hate my skin color (coz mcm dah kena phycho dari kecik), and always see anyone yg berkulit putih tu lawaaa...hehehe...hubby tergelak besar when I reveal this to him.

7. Sometimes I am needy. I need someone to tell me it's gonna be alright

8. Sometimes saya pemalas. How nak jadi rajin sokmo eh?

9. Sometimes saya terlampau pemalu. Kalau dah lama tak contact friends bukan sebab saya lupa kawan or antisocial, tapi saya malu sebab since dah kahwin ada anak ni saya takde masa nak always keep in touch with them. =(

10. Sometimes saya degil, susah nak dengar cakap orang.
 (sorry, tak tahu nak letak gambar apa. =))

In conclusions, there's a few things I hate about myself, but I am trying to fix and deal with it. Nobody is perfect but the thing that matters is that we can try to be at our best.

Esok I'll try to write about something I love about myself. =)


I.Q.W.A said...

byk nye persamaan kiter :(

yanie said...

i hv all those listed in me..cuma i tak takut but i envy u tau cos u tinggi babe 170cm tu..aduhhhh ;)

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