Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Mode Cedey =(

Was so excited yesterday when hubby ajak pergi cari the
iPad screen protector and cover
Excited nak guna, but sayang...
Kena make sure iPad ada baju dalam and luar dulu,
Baru confident nak guna. =)

We went at 2pm, after hubby dah habis kerja
Then jumpa the screen protector dekat Carrefour
But Burberry, LV, Gucci was closed.
We went again at night
Went into Burberry, they said the stocks not available
Went to LV, they said dah discontinue
Gucci pun takde...
Oh memang takde rezeki.
Padan muka saya yang mengada ngada. =(

Well, it's not the end of the world
In the meantime, I just bought the rubber protector
And a canvas sleeves
The best cover is yet to come bebehhhh
One day ye, I will pad my iPad with a very nice pad! =P

1 comment:

jelita78 said...

lurvvv missy pinky !!

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