Saturday, August 28, 2010

Mari Belajar About Chanel 3 Pockets

Remember this picture?

To answer Puan Jelita78 question, the bag is from Chanel fall winter collection. It is called as Chanel 3 because of the 3 compartments.

Nice, right? It's available in 4 sizes.

1. Mini (6x7 inches)

2. Medium / Large (7x11 inches)

3. Large / Jumbo (9x14 inches)

4. Large / Jumbo with extra handle (9x15 inches)

It's also available in a few colors. Black, red, taupe and khaki fonce. The bag is made from lambskin leather. I love the gussets!

So should I or shouldn't I? *wink*

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It's Me! said...

ho ho ho, ever since terbaca kat tpf pasal C3 ni, i lagi suka this style than the norm mambo jumbo. M/L or the large jumbo gets my vote! Taupe or Merah menyala lah, mak ngah! Yang extra handle mcm beg skolah pulak.

jelita78 said...

a blog thread dedicated just for moi??
ohhhhhhhh i am sooo honoured!!

love the extra handles..
so this means that it's not like the typical chanel flap where we can adjust the strap length and make it crossbody?
this one only shoulder and handheld ke?
and by the way, is the red a true red,or orangie red, or darkish tomato red?
with silver or gold hardware?
mcm gonna be the very tebal laa plak kan..
heavy tak, compared to your red chanel yg beli kat paris tu?

chehhh..tanya soklan berlambak, mcm laaa aku ada pitih nak bali.. huhu... doesn't hurt to dream, right?

Emy Ahmad said...

u shuddd.. -___-

IreneYaya said...

Earnie: Nice kan, nampak modern gittew..esp yg large/jumbo tu...medium tu pelik sikit coz quilted dia bigger. =)

Aida: yup, with xtra handle tu cannot adjust shoulder strap. The small, medium, large, boleh rasanya.
The red is more to tomato red and it comes with silver hardware only.
Yg large with extra handle tu I tak pernah carry. But the medium pernah try. To me ok jeee...normal weight
But comparing to my red chanel tu it will be heavier skit.
Yup, saya pun tak mampu nak beli.

Emy: hehehe... tulah kan? Cantik sgt....tapi drool jelah...nak balik raya ni byk nak pakai pitis. I need to be frugal. =)

CiKaYu said...

hai yaya, 1st time drop comment here, that chanel sangat cantik. i'm not kind of big fan of chanel tapi bile tgk chanel 3 ni, nice sangat...mampu drool je lah. lum smpi berjodoh dgn chanel lagi kot...

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