Sunday, August 22, 2010

Mode Mengada-Ngada Datang Lagi...

He got me an Ipad (serious gadget ni tak boleh share-share)
So, before I can use it,
He said I must find a screen protector and also a cover

Of course, screen protector boleh cari dekat iStyle
But the cover....memang banyak kat iStyle tu,
But semua saya tak berkenan...
Hubby said saya mengada, and he knew what's inside my mind

Can u guess what's inside my mind?
~Ashley Tisdale with LV iPad Covers~

But all this casing just like an envelope
Takde function sgt pun
I mean, it should be practical when u are using it...
(as advised by hubby lah)
So that bila guna ipad tu boleh pegang and rasa the leather
So he suggested me to find something like this which is more practical kan?

So google punya google...
I fall in love with this Burberry iPad casing
Macam Zip Around Wallet but a bigger version

So bila jumpa ni mode mengada tu semakin membuak-buak!
Warna apa yg cantik?
Checkered or Plain Leather?
or patutkah saya lupakan sahaja niat murni saya ini?


Emy Ahmad said...

semua pun wowness..
boleh batal puasa tengok lama lama HAHA T____T

red checkered gojess

jelita78 said...

ohhhhhhhhhh SANGATTTTT laaa mengade!!
i pick the red leather!!

i've seen a lady here with ipad, having similar zip around casing, but it sort of has a handle, so u can securely carry, takde slip out of your hands ke, and the best part is that, when the casing flip open, it acts like a stand, making the ipad stand like a picture frame..
ntah laa..
taktau brand aper casing tu..
tapi mmg cun laaaa beb..

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