Thursday, March 25, 2010

Playing Dress Up

One day, I was feeling like dressing up and trying a few new clothing in front of the mirror, then my kids came to me and asking me, "Mama, what are you doing? " 

Then I had this CRAZY idea to dress them up. Kan best if ada sorang lagi girl, however, boys pun best jugak, coz my kids innocent layan je whatever I did to funny and the best part is that we had so much fun together, especially watching Izz's Bob the Builder style and Aiden who mimicked like his papa dressing to the office. =)

Izz is wearing Papa's oilfield safety helmet

Aiden pulak pakai Real 3D glasses. =)


Mrs Taz said...

aik...dah hensem2 suar tak de plak hahaha ... sporting habis diorang ek? hihihi cute!

Ms Lola said...

so cute!!!!! esp aiden with the diaper. hahaha

jelita78 said...

tgk model pampers tu..
siap buat pouty lips lagi tu..
ni yang tak tahan ni!

jelita78 said...

by the way, we have exactly the same bob-the-builder belt!! hehehe..
nnt i soh depa amik gambar and do twins blogging ngan your post! hehehe

kaezrin said...

hensem abiss...gerammmm

neeza said...

hahahaa..aiden sangat comel pakai diaper suit..:D

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