Thursday, March 11, 2010

Heavy Rain

One day, I feel like to buy something for Mr. hubby. He has been stressing up with work and projects so I think I should give him something to relax and drive his focus to somewhere else. No, no...I'm not talking about THAT ok...It's easy when u know ur hubby like games, so this time I bought him a PS3 games. =)

I went to the shop and buy Heavy Rain. He was very excited when he received the game. Usually when he wants to play video game, he will force me to sit besides him and watch him playing the game, but it only last for about 30 minutes. (30 minutes tu lama sebenarnya) LOL. Then I will do something else, such as chores, browsing on net, etc. But this time, I watched him playing until the game ended! WOW! What a really great game....I even feel terrifies, almost cried and very very emotionally attached to this game. WHY?

Actually Heavy Rain is not only a video game. It's actually an interactive drama and it's like u are watching movies but u can control the character inside the game....I really love watching hubby playing this game instead of game yg tembak2 tu...duhhhh..... If I have good coordination with game and moves, I would have playing it too, but watching and seeing the whole game story, how it ended mmg best!!! Especially time nak teka who is the real origami killers...Tak menyesal saya beli. If there's anymore interactive drama game like this, I would buy it! Heavy Rain definitely ROCKS!!!

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