Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Batu Sejuk

Actually it's the Cold Stone Creamery!

Boring tak tahu nak makan apa for lunch, we had our lunch at the Cold Stone pulak.
Not bad la jugak...we tried 3 scoops each person, one of the scoop, - me and hubby chose Dark Chocolate.

And guess what? Izz had all the Chocolate Ice Cream from my cup and lepas habis part Choc dekat my cup, dia pergi attack hubby punya Choc Ice Cream pulak...he is such a chocolate lover, starting from chocolate milk, chocolate ice cream and Choc milkshake. =)

Aiden pulak, hentam, every flavors semua dia boleh makan! Senang gitu...hehehe

 Budak kecik ni boleh sampai tertidor kat Cold Stone!

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