Friday, March 19, 2010

I've Been Invited!


But I didn't go...because it's on weekday. Hubby asked me to go with my friend and he will take care the kids, but I forgot (boley tak?) so the day when I was supposed to go, bila dah pukul 4pm baru terbaca those SMS....huhuhu.. then tak dapat la merasa Gucci Fashion Show Cocktail Party version Dubai. =(

Chanel tu InsyaAllah I'll go. But it's actually just a private view of it's exclusive Jewellery Collection. So, if I go for sure it's gonna be a lot of blings and my eyes are also going to blink blink with the price tag. Should I or shouldn't I?


KS said...

pergi jangan tak pergi! ;)

tak beli takpe, cuci mata aja hehe

IreneYaya said...

I went there last weekends, it was truly a great experience!!! TQ CHANEL! =)

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