Thursday, March 4, 2010


Today mama said it's enuff already baking brownies or cakes,
So we fingerpainting!
1. Prepare a few sheets of paper and water- soluble colors

2. Pour the colour inside a plate and dip your fingers

 This is my brother, Aiden. He didn't want to cooperate..mama said Aiden tengah merajuk. Let him be. He missed the fun.
4. After that, just place your hands on the paper. Use different colours and it's really fun!
5. Lastly...sprinkle the glitters. =)
Oh...that small hands belong to Aiden. He finally cooperating after we ignored him



kaezrin said...

aiden nih byk style khazin la...ader rupa.even ur mom said so..

when she came to my house kan ari tuh she said the same thing..khazin ni byk resemblance aiden...

Emy Ahmad said...

comel jer aiden merajuk..=D

neeza said...

comel ngguh tengok aiden majuk & join abg main fingerpaint..gambar last tu lagi buat dia nampak tadek pa per berlaku sebelum tu :) kids kan ? always adorable..

IreneYaya said...

Elin: Kan? Dahla rupa sama, style pun lebih kurang ek...hihihi

Emy: hehehe..dia mmg suka merajuk. Lain sgt dgn Izz.

Neeza: hihi..Aiden banyak akal sikit. Macam2 pesen. Tapi tulah, budak2. =)

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