Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Zurich Day 3: Bahnofstrasse Shopping

The day before during the tour, the weather was 27 degrees but then on the 3rd day it was around 15 degrees. As expected, weather in Europe is unpredictable, but luckily during the 2 tours that we paid in advance, the weather was really nice.

Zurich is a very expensive city. I mean the cost of living in Zurich is one of the highest in the world.
The AVERAGE income of one household in Zurich is 5200 SF (x3.5 converted to RM is RM18,200) 
If their household income is less than 4000 SF (RM14,000), they are considered POOR in Zurich.
The salary is not including tax, which is around 9-36% depends on the tier of your salary.
The younger generation could not afford to own a house in Zurich because the cost of a small apartment reached up to millions. So they have to rent.

I love the city. 
Most of them in Zurich mainly speak High German, others speak Italian and French.
The city is also very clean, well maintained and their public transportation is very advance and on time. 

Firstly we arrived in Paradeplatz station and I was so happy to see one of their famous confectionery, Sprungli. 

After buying a few stuffs, we walked towards the Limmat-Quai

Zurich HB central train station

And finally we arrived at Bahnofstrasse.
Bahnofstrasse is Zurich's main downtown street and one of the world's most expensive and exclusive shopping avenues.

We walked along the street and not to forget a visit to the Apple store.
This place is like a Chanel boutique for my 3 boys

Found a funny water statue. 
Look! My feet are so BIG! LOL

H&M and Zara

Found a halal kebab store. We grabbed our lunch there. This kebab costs 10 SF!

Then we went into Chanel. Nothing interesting from their S/S 2011 collection. 
Found mostly in Bronze and Gunmetal colour which is quite weird looking IMHO

We also went inside their 2 storey-with glass lift, Hermes. 
I was thinking to get a Hermes Kelly watch but ended up with buying a watch from the real watchmaker, Omega.

 We found Laduree! We bought some so we could compare the taste of Laduree Macaron and Sprungli Luxemburgerli. 

The best part of the day. We found a halal Turkish supermarket. Yay!

Found halal supermarket + bought halal chicken = tasty self-cooked dinner
Izz's favourite= Macaroni and soup + cucumber

And not forgetting our lovely dessert. This time selamat dimakan because the ingredients are without alcohol, and without E471.

Isk, tak senonoh!
Sila lap air liur anda. =P


jelita78 said...

aduhhh.. tak jumpa tissue laa..
dah habih basah keyboard ni ngn air liur.. siot ko yaya buat malu aku je kat opis pagi ni.. dah laa blom bekfes lagi..

Mrs Taz said...

love your bag.. ♥♥♥

IreneYaya said...

Aida: hahaha kalau aku pergi situ don't make me touch your keyboard ok!

Kak Zia: TQ. =)

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