Sunday, June 26, 2011


The one thing you should not leave Swiss without
is their signature Swiss Army knife
I bought mine when we were in Luzern
but do not enough time to buy for DH because of the short timing
So in Geneva, we bought several Swiss Army Knifes

Lots of designs that you can choose. 
There is standard tinker classic, 
for executive (comes with pen, light and flash drive), 
cybertool (comes with tools to fix the computer), 
huntsman, fisherman, voyager, traveller (with temperature) etc
Very interesting!
And the price is starting from RM100 to thousands.

I bought this for DH as Father's day gift
I think the name is Cybertool

And several others as souvenirs

They can personalize the Swiss Army Knife and engrave your name there using this machine

And the results are satisfactory!

I can't wait to bring back the knife to Malaysia 
and see each of them carrying the Swiss Army Knife with their name there. ;)


Unidentified Identity said...

Hi, you bought the one with LED? The shop keeper said that they need a special battery (which only found or can be exchange in the Victorinox shop)~

IreneYaya said...

No, we didnt buy the one with LED. Thank you for your info! =)

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